Airplane Crud

29 Nov

In our business, people know all about the infamous Con Crud. It is an inevitable fact of being a working writer: you go to conventions, you meet up with friends and colleagues (in some cases, frolleagues–okay that’s not a thing, but it should be), you drink too much, you get involved in several million projects, you enjoy the local food and drink (did I already say drink?), you stay up til stupid o’clock, you make wild promises of delivering epic awesome to your favorite presses, and you fly home hungover. Which inevitably leads to  Con Crud the week after, a creeping illness that is part and parcel of the whole glamorous working writer experience. And totally worth it.

Not dissimilar is general Airplane Crud. While it is rare (but hardly unthinkable, as I know some Aussies who come to ReaderCon–HARDCORE) to spend more than 12 hours on a single flight for the sake of a convention, it is less rare for other reasons. As in flying to India to visit in-laws. If you have in-laws in India. Which, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I totally do.

We got home two days before Thanksgiving, which left just enough time to retrieve the cat and go to Whole Foods to buy ALL THE FOOD. Yes, we had a prepared cheater Thanksgiving, but oh man, I do not trust myself in the kitchen on good days, sometimes, let alone when I’m surviving that level of epic jet lag. I somehow managed to survive the live culture experiment that is the airplane on the flight from Italy earlier this year, so I had it coming, but holy fuckballs, am I sick and miserable right now.

But seeing as I went to both Italy and India this year, I really don’t feel like I’m allowed to complain. So here’s a picture of me in my Diwali sari, because this is what happens when my in-laws dress me up for holidays. I am very proud because I managed to successfully keep this one on, which is more than I can say for the ridiculously formal silk one I wore to my BiL’s wedding six years ago.

Diwali Sari Time!

… okay so maybe it took some getting used to, but I even managed to light fireworks in it and not set myself or anyone else on fire, so clearly I took to it pretty fast.


 And yes, that is a lot of fireworks carnage, I know. That was Diwali morning, and we had been very, very busy the night before, too. Chennai sounded like a war zone for a good 48 hours. It was awesome.

So yes. Worth the Airplane Crud. But holy Jesus SIIIIIIIIIIIIICK.

In oddly related news, In Situ, the Dagan Books anthology of alien archaeology stories, got a couple of really nice reviews while I was lighting fireworks and dragging my family on day trips to random temples. Related, because, of course, my story within is called “Chennai 5″–which is the name of the new planet my main characters are colonizing. Named after the biggest city in their home state of Tamil Nadu, of course. This one is by James Aquilone at SF Signal, and declares that the book contains “no clunkers”, which I always love to hear. (He’s not damning with faint praise, I just like that phrase a lot. It’s a great review.) This one from A Fantastical Librarian goes really in-depth to look at favorites and less-than-favorites. “Chennai 5″ got a shout out with the former, so I of course have the most ridiculous grin on my face right now.

In Situ  is out from Dagan now, as a friendly reminder. Check it out here, if it sounds like your speed, and here’s a little interview I did about “Chennai 5″ and what inspired it.

If the above discussion of hanging out with the in-laws didn’t already answer that. Ha!

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  1. Meghan December 19, 2012 at 1:30 am #

    Da’amn girl, you do good things for that sari.

    Also, YAY for good reviews!!!

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