Where the hell have you been?

13 Feb

Anyone who only sees this blog will be asking that question about now, I reckon. Where the hell have I been?

The short version is that I have been rather losing my mind. Between life upheavals (one that caused me to put the Red Penny Papers on hiatus this winter–sadness!–but don’t worry it’ll be right back) and publishing emergencies, I haven’t been much of a person at all. Most of my blogging has been via tumblr, mainly because of its queue function and the ability to not have a single original thought, simply reblogging things I find pretty.

Here is a quick rundown of Important News:

1. FISH is a thing, and it is lovely. Click here to read Carrie Cuinn’s introduction and find out what this beautiful book is all about. And scope out Galen Dara’s gorgeous artwork:

FISH from Dagan Books

I know, right? Guh.

2. LOSING BETTER is a thing. Not KV Taylor, but still me. For anyone not in the loop, Katey Hawthorne is my romance novel penname. The books tend to be way less disturbing and prouldy fluffy-and-chock-full-o-sex-and-superpowers. This one is a bit less fluffy, as it has a quite serious central theme, but it’s still pretty fun. If you don’t mind a main character who’s a pretentious ass.

He does enjoy saying, “FBI, motherfucker!” though, and that’s worth a lot of style points.

This book is responsible for much of my absence from cyberspace, as right before the holidays things went a bit wild with production issues, and I ceased to be a functional human being until it got sorted, oh, last week. Ish. I will spare you the gory details. But I am super proud of it, so if you’re into that kind of thing, check it out.

3. LIAM is about to be a thing. As in tomorrow. Yes, it’s a Valentine’s Day release for monsterlove. True, it is a bit of a romance novel, but it’s so, so ugly, seriously. It begins with a headfuck, which is never a good foundation on which to build a relationship. Along the way there’s lots of murder and mayhem and setting things on fire–

But I’ll let that part be a surprise. It’s the first in my vampire series, about a tiny family of vampires and their incredible piles of issues. Good times. Good times. And check this cover out, seriously, because Courtney Bernard is my hero:

The Family: Liam

Yes, I win at getting awesome cover artists, if that’s a thing, I know. I’ll have a little offer for you up here (free stuff!), and Belfire is offering massive discounts during the first week, plus the chance to be entered into a drawing for a fun gift. But I’ll be back with more about that later.

Oh yeah, and the vampire reviews will start up again next month, probably in the middle. Once I get settled, because looks like B and I are gonna pack up and leave DC here pretty soon. Sadness! But also happiness (depending on where we land)!

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  1. Meghan February 13, 2013 at 11:56 pm #

    You are the supreme champion of awesome covers – and also, in this case, of awesome timing, as I can think of no better day for Liam (and of course G, because we know it’s REALLY all about him, right?) to take the world by storm.


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