Liam for Sale

14 Feb

Hey there. Do you like vampires?


If yes: You should totally try my new book! It’s the start of a new series with fabulous vampire science/alchemy, ridiculous telepathic blowjobs/bloody sex, random references to sci fi and F. Scott Fitzgerald, lots of murder, setting things on fire, and a dairy farm.

… it makes more sense in context, I promise.

If no: Well, it’s still worth a try, because at least half of my beta readers declared their intention to forever hate on vampires to me before reading it and still curse the day they met this fucker Liam. (Cuz, you know. Now they don’t hate them.) Plus, the eBook is super cheap right now:

Smashwords and use coupon code KC42D until 2-21-13

And there’s a hefty discount on the lovely print edition too:

CreateSpace Code F4QCW9Q2 for 20% off until 2-21-13

More editions are coming soon to Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc. etc., but this is a pretty sweet deal, so you know…

Require more convincing? Okay cool, check this out:

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