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20 Feb

Well, not all the reviews, just the two, really, but they’re so amazing I had to share.

First, if you haven’t seen Harry Markov’s review of Fish yet, definitely check it out. It’s amazing, and a lot of what he says about the theme in general is quite literally how Carrie described the project to me when we began, way back when with the call for submissions.  Just. Well. Here’s a thing:

Carrie Cuinn and K.V. Taylor reveal to you an ecosystem of underwater wonders that’s outrageous, eclectic and beautiful. Theoretically, some might suspect it shouldn’t be able to work as there is nothing at first glance to hold these stories together, but there is so much soul in the project to cement this as the definitive anthology for 2013 – at least in my book.

A lot of the stories are discussed one at a time, and it’s just brilliant to see that it worked exactly how Carrie wanted. So yay!

Also, Liam was a good boy today. Well, as good as he’s capable of being, I reckon, anyhow. Melanie over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue words gives him a glowing five-star review–but more than that, she totally got the book.

This is not a universe of Rainbow Bright and Unicorns, but a much darker, malevolent place in which humans walk at their peril. I love how even a visit to a night club can turn from a simple night out into one of pain and horror in the hands of this talented author.

… If this is a love story, it is not the one you are probably expecting.  It is a love story  certainly, but it’s participants are monsters and it follows that it’s their definition of love, not a human one.

Yeah. It ain’t pretty. And I am so, so pleased that it’s clear it wasn’t meant to be. Oh also, Melanie breaks the news that the series will follow–basically the pattern on the “characters” page. James, up next. Just about done. Yyyyyeah.

Also, the soundtrack is up, if anyone wants read-along music :D

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