24 Feb

Before I get into the upcoming changes to life, wanted to give a shoutout to Ishtar. You guys might remember this badass goddess book I got to edit with Amanda Pillar for Morrigan’s little sister, Gilgamesh Press? It’s on the Locus Recommended Reads list for 2012! Woohoo!

Congratulations to Kaaron, Deb, and Cat. Beautiful, vicious stories about a beautiful, vicious goddess.

In personal news, I am moving! After spending seven years in the DC area, B and I are heading back to where we met: Columbus, Ohio. We’re both pretty excited about this; I loved living in Columbus, and he became really fond of it while we were dating. (You know, that whole month before we got engaged and moved here together. No biggie.) So even if the cost of living wasn’t far, far more reasonable, we’d still be excited. As it is, that’s just a nice bonus.

We’ve known we’d have to move soon since the holidays, we just weren’t sure exactly where or when until about a week ago. Which was, as you can imagine just so much fun. We spent this weekend trying to find a place to land–which is difficult when you live eight hours away, but at least we knew the town and the kind of place we wanted. Also, there’s a thing called a relocation specialist that can help with that, apparently. This is news to me, but it was awfully nice having someone babysit us while we were trying to find a rental to hold us over until we get settled–B in his new job, me in the town again.

So yes, this has much to do with why The Red Penny Papers has been on hiatus this winter. Life in this house has been extremely up in the air, but it had to be settled by spring. So RPP will indeed be back then with a huge, superpowered bang.

And now I have things to pack. Though apparently there are also people who will come to your house and pack things for you? Oh, strange new world of corporate relocation–where have you been all my life?

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