The Lovely Lulu

16 Oct

How about a dark fantasy piece set in a 1920s speakeasy in Wheeling, West Virginia? Magicians and chanteuses! Smuggled hooch and fabulous champagne! Murder and captivity! Queer lady protagonist!

Any of this sound cool? Check out the latest issue of Goldfish Grimm, Secrets and Connections, and there you’ll find “The Lovely Lulu” by yours truly alongside a delightful (and I never use that word but there’s no other for it, seriously) flash piece by Antha Ann Adkins.

Free to read creepiness-and-jazz-age cocktail for all. Mmm. And thanks to the people at Goldfish Grimm being so fabulous to work with. So much fun.

(ETA: Forgot to mention, there’s even a little interview in which I mainly talk about being a nerd. Ha!)

In other news, I have a convention to attend this weekend, and then all shall get back in order around this house. Fingers crossed for me, and see you when I get back from Atlanta!

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