Red Penny Moves

22 Jan

I’ve explained a lot of what’s going on with me lately, but I wanted to specifically explain stuff as it happens with The Red Penny Papers. Since sending out an email isn’t going to hit everyone who needs to know what’s going on there, I thought I’d put it here so it can be easily found. Basically I created RPP as a creative outlet–there was no magazine doing the kind of pulp I wanted to read, and I love editing as a creative process. People who’ve worked with me as an editor might have noticed–I get really into it. To the point of leaving over-enthusiastic comments on bits I really like.

I’m a generally super productive and self-motivated individual, so RPP me something to do that took me out of my own head and into others’ in my spare time. For two years everything was quite perfect with it.

About a year ago B and I discovered we’d have to move suddenly. We weren’t sure to where, but we had to get out and find a living, and asap. As soon as we were finally settled, that’s when the things with my family and health started going awry. A series of family tragedies and some interesting medications later, we’re about to move again–I detailed a lot of the drama in a post a few months back, so I won’t belabor the point or what it did to my own writing (which was: kill it). This time, though, we’re moving in the same town, somewhere permanent where we can finally settle into our life again.

Cue house-hunting taking over my life. Anyone who tells you this is a fun activity is on drugs. Seriously. I thought apartment shopping was soul-crushing. Oh, little did I know.

Maybe my point is becoming clear now. That meant bad things for RPP, since my partner-in-editing had similar issues at the exact same time. It’s impossible to publish a magazine when things are in flux like that, however. Not just financially–which has been a little bit of a concern just due to uncertainty, but not nearly as bad as it could’ve been–but from a time and effort standpoint, it wasn’t gonna happen. And having Thunderbird blow up on me didn’t help either. (I managed to migrate to Outlook after finally giving up and shelling out for a piece of software that could do it without requiring I open Thunderbird at all. Pray to your heathen gods for my computer, okay, because if that goes I’m even more screwed. Yay new iPad, at least?)

Once I know for sure that we’ve secured a place to live after our lease is up, I will be announcing a new publishing schedule for RPP, starting with a large book project we’ve been working on over the last year while in flux. (I thought that was gonna happen a few weeks ago… the deal fell through. And then another one fell through again this week, hence me just making this post instead of waiting any longer.) After that, my goal is to shift RPP’s balance more equally to serial novellas and short fiction issues. This is the reason we’ve not been able to accept anything for the last reading period yet–we’re not sure on the timing of anything. At all. And we can’t be until I know I have a place to live and can build our schedule around that, so as to keep things moving smoothly instead of these endless delays from 2013 carrying over.

So that’s my explanation–mind you, not an excuse. I also don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, because I am really loving being back in Columbus, and without the job/place to live upheaval, that wouldn’t have happened. The family things–well, that’s obviously crap, but it did push me to the point where I got some help for health problems I’ve been trying to ignore for literally a decade now. Things are really looking up around here, and I have absolutely no plan to abandon RPP or its writers and artists, who have been so patient and fantastic with me and the magazine this year. You totally deserve an explanation if you want it, so here it is.

And in closing, if you haven’t checked out Samatha Lienhard’s The Book at Dernier, I gotta recommend it. And the cover by Galen Dara. Wow. Expect more of this kind of classic, pulpy darkfic from us in the very near future.

4 Responses to “Red Penny Moves”

  1. Preston January 23, 2014 at 3:21 am #

    hang the hell in there. come up for air, don’t forget to breathe when you break water. prepare to get bounced off the bottom.


  2. Jamie February 3, 2014 at 2:31 am #

    Thanks for the update, KV! Good luck to you and yours and best wishes for finding and settling into that cozy nook from whence all writing and editing activities may emanate. Looking forward to reading DERNIER and seeing more soon from RPP! Hope we’ll be in touch. Cheers!

  3. Louise B February 7, 2014 at 8:10 pm #

    Take care over there, Katey! *hugs* Sorry to hear you and your family have been through such a crapload. :( Sending lots of good vibes and thanks for the update!


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