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20 Feb

Those of you who know Rhonda Parrish from Niteblade may have seen a post from her a few months back about a project called A is for ApocalypseIt’s totally ingenious, and I’m not just saying that because I was lucky enough to land a spot on her roster for it. The deal is, 26 authors, each with a different, randomly assigned letter of the alphabet, and a post-apocalyptic theme.

Of course when I heard about it I flipped, because I haven’t done post-apocalyptic since Grants Pass, which I loved to pieces. However, the short I wrote for A is for Apocalypse is nothing like “Boudha”–it’s an epistolary supernatural horror short, “J is for…”

Well, I’ll leave that part for later. It involves monsters, though. Just–not the usual apocalypse-monsters.

The list of authors is really exciting–many that I’ve worked with  before, and many that I haven’t, and I’m excited about both! I found blog posts from Cory Cone, Samantha Kymmell-Harvey, Steve Bornstein, C.S. MacCath, and Simon Kewin (hi, Simon!) talking about their involvement in the project too, but no one is giving too much away. I guess the only one who knows what all our letters stand for is Rhonda, at the moment. Mysterious, isn’t it?

So now things are all settled and my story has met with editorial smiles (because let’s face it, when someone asks me to write a thing, I am always waiting for a NOT GOOD ENOUGH, because, well, writers are like that), I had to squee about this a little. So exciteddddddd!

More as the project progresses but yay!

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