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Contest Winners and Calls for Subs

10 Aug

Dual purpose post FTW!

First order of business:

My Thank You Contest, for those who’ve signal boosted the SCRIPPED pre-order during the first week or two of availability! I put everyone’s name in a numbered list, then went to to let it choose who would get the copies of BEAUTY HAS HER WAY. It first gave me

#11: Alan Davidson

Which I marked with a little star before hitting the button again. Then it gave me

#12: Louise Bohmer

Which seemed weird. 11 and 12? Not that I don’t want Louise to have the book, because I do, of course, because she’s lovely. Just that it compelled me to do it one more time and give out a third copy, since I happen to have one…

#5 Tony Rapino


Then I moved on to the “I’m not pre-ordering” contest for one of chapbooks with a slight print flaw in it. Only two people came out and said “Nope, so not pre-ordering!” and of them, chose

#2: Amanda Borenstadt

So Amanda, you’ll get an email from me soon to arrange delivery, and as for the rest of you — I think I have your addresses somewhere or other already. Prepare for incoming Beauty!

Now, on to the second order of business:

Two lovely markets with which I am deeply involved are looking for subs this very moment.

Y’all who come around regularly will be well aware of THE RED PENNY PAPERS, my weird little online journal of pulpy fiction, but unless you follow its twitter and/or blog — or keep a close eye on Duotrope — you might not know we’re open for subs this month. (Yes, we, as John Cash has been my co-editor since our last issue, and has done a beautiful job of wrangling subs.) Sadly, we’re not looking for serials, just because we have a really awesome full schedule for the upcoming year. Next time, we will be once more, definitely.

In the meantime, check out the Submissions Page and see if you’ve got anything around that might work. Love to have you. Or, if we already have, love to have you back.

There’s also the joint project with the wonderful Carrie Cuinn of Dagan Books: FISH. Check out the submissions guidelines here, and watch the Dagan blog for helpful hints, like this article on the 7 most common subs we’ve seen so far. It’s going to be a really beautiful book, as Galen Dara’s cover implies already.

Both of these markets will close once September rolls around, but there’s still plenty of time.

Why no, now that you ask, I am not writing anything this very moment. It’s a bit of a relief, really. I accidentally wrote a 50k romance novel (that makes four finished, one scripted, one in embryonic form in my head) last month, so I’m ready for some time in everyone else’s heads. Thank god for the editing gig. I still get sick of myself often, but it helps. A lot.

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Wild Weekend Catch-up Post

9 Aug

Right, I’m home! That was… a long and confusing and awesome weekend. I thought I’d get some stuff read, but instead I spent most of my free time in a car bouncing between Pittsburgh, WV, and Cleveland. Still, can’t complain about any of the events that occurred in those places. None of which, I realize, sounds very glamorous, but hey, I happen to like all three very much.

And I came home to the world blowing up in various ways — the Dow tanking and London starting fires that spread scary fast. The hell is up, world?

Also came home to the new Horrors album I pre-ordered ready for download. So… uh, that’s good, I guess. Well, the album is good, actually. Even on first listen. Still.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna draw winners for a couple of BEAUTY HAS HER WAY books, as outlined in my initial SCRIPPED pre-order announcement. The idea is that if you tweet, blog, tumblr, facebook, whatever about SCRIPPED, I drop your name in a list, and picks a couple people to win a free book. There’s still time — 24 hours, in fact. As usual, anywhere in the world, no big deal. Hit me.

Also, the “I’m not going to pre-order” contest in the same post is getting a winner. Only two people have actually said they’re in, so don’t be shy. Free chapbook, no strings. So far, people seem to think they’re really pretty. (They’re going out in waves, cuz I actually stick in different kinds of notes depending on the person they’re going to, so doing them all at once would be a mess. No, I am not just dropping them in an envelope and sending them out. I love you. Seriously.)

Speaking of, still got a few left. And it’s official that #25 will get a print copy of Voni Ryan’s ABSENTMINDED in the deal, which is a pretty sweet package because they’re both West Virginia-based. Yeah, see, you never knew The Mountain State was so cool. It totally is, though. Also, there are still e-books. I tell you this because I know there are some people who were waiting for various reasons to get their order in. Now’s a good time!

Okay, back to catching up. Keep safe and sound, y’all.

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4 Aug

God, people get to this website with some inane search terms. I know we’re all amazed by this phenomenon, come on, how could we NOT be? Weird ones I’ve gotten recently:

Azazel/Riptide slashfiction – Okay, I brought that one on myself with the Xavier/Magneto discussion after First Class, but still… come onnnnn.

Taylor Champagne Mirror – It’s odd, but people actually come here at least once a month for that thing. Yet the image was lost when I migrated servers. Maybe I should re-upload it…

“I like dark creepy stuff” – You’re tellin’ me, sweetheart. Welcome to my OTHER support group, creepy chicks anonymous.

“Thinking about sex is a distraction” – Ain’t it just? Hey, have I got a good read for you…

“How about a nice cup of man the fuck up” – Yeah. I would so never ever say this. Those “MAN UP” ads Miller Light? Make me want to stab things. They’re as bad as the diamond ads we get during Valentine’s season. Ugh. I want to tie whoever came up with that campaign to a couch and light it on fire.

(Okay, I don’t really. But seriously, so wrong.)

“How about  a nice cup of fuck you” – Okay, that is actually close to something I say regularly: “How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?” The best (by which I mean worst) was when I said it to my husband in front of my parents and they just looked at us like we were crazy while we giggled ourselves stupid.

See, I’m romantic in real life, too.

Appalachian fae – Oh hey, nice! See, now YOU, I can definitely help.

Speaking of: two 1st run chappies left. Admittedly, I am holding a handful for people who, for one reason or another, cannot pre-order yet, but have gotten around to explaining and telling me and stuff. So… I have #29 and #31. Then they’re all claimed. Because I’m holding some for people (and there’s still a couple of weeks of pre-order before the thing actually ships), I probably will bust out the second run, but it’s not as cool, and not even half as long. AND I have it on good authority someone who pre-orders — I don’t know, but somewhere in the next handful of them — will get another print book for free. (Apart from the ebooks.)

A lot of stuff, I know. Also, the thank you list grows for the Beauty Has Her Way contest, but I’ve only got two people who’ve said they aren’t going to pre-order, but wouldn’t mind winning the chapbook. So bring it on, man, I can take it!

Thank you very much to everyone who’s pre-ordered, mentioned, signal boosted, taken a second to notice it. There are a lot of shiny things for you to notice on the net. I appreciate that one of them was mine — and I mean that with absolute sincerity. I am a magpie. I know how this works. <3

Oh, I get it, my contests aren’t enough for you. Well, you’ve got a few hours to enter Anita Grace Howard’s awesome one here — though I don’t know why I should tell you, because I want to win it. Still, it’s pretty awesome and needs shared.

For the folks who’ve been kind of interested in my romance novel adventures, you may also be interested to know that Mina Kelly has the coolest book birthday contest ever for Tease. Two words: seal pup. Again, I want this, but hey. It’s a really good book, so… I’ll let it slide.

And now, I’m out for the weekend. Going to the parents and then if that doesn’t kill us, up to Cleveland for an evening, since my cousin’s just got his own executive chef gig at a new restaurant up there and I’m dying to try it. Plus, I’ve got two books coming up that revisit the old stomping grounds (I went to CWRU for most of my undergrad, it’s true). Time to brush up, right? RESEARCH TRIP. (Does this mean it’s tax deductible? Oh man, sweet! Er…)

Okay, so I also just want to go to the museum and  BIG FUN. It has been too long. Toooo long. So see ya Monday, y’all!

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Attack of the Meme!

8 Jul

Anita Grace Howard started a meme. And then Jenny Phresh got hold of it and made a new one that was, um, well, it has a kind of Lewis Carroll effect, really. So Anita kicked it back to me, and here it is!

(And just in time, since I’m supposed to actually, like, get stuff done today. Meme to the rescue!)

Are you a rutabaga?
No, but if I had to be a root vegetable, I would choose rutabaga. Then I’d be delicious.

When was the last time you ate lion meat?
4th of July BBQ, obviously.

“Americaaaaa, fuck yeah!”

Upload a heartwarming picture of something that makes you smile.

Weapon X #4

What? Batshit Aurora and feral Wild Child don’t make you smile? Guess it’s just me, then…

But it is heartwarming, you see, because they were dating at the time. Or right before it. Still. Heartwarming!

If you could go back in time and kick the crap out of someone, who would it be?
I dunno, I did a lot of crap kicking when I was kid. There was probably someone I wanted to kick that I missed, but I was pretty thorough.

Name one habit that makes other people plot your demise.
My tendency to discuss boring dead people at length. Franz Liszt. Thomas Jefferson. Mary Wollstonecraft. I don’t know how someone hasn’t knocked me into an open grave and “accidentally” buried me there, especially since I know it’s been at least seriously considered before.

What song would you like to be playing while you are kicking the crap out of someone?
I really like Anita’s “Bittersweet Symphony” answer. I used to imagine it playing as I walked down the hall at school. Watch out for the little ones. We’re mean.

Uh, but if I have to pick my own — wait, now I’m tempted to go with Beethoven ala Clockwork Orange. Dammit, I’m so unoriginal!

Where da muffin top at?
I’m working on it, man.

How many goats, stacked atop one another like Yertle’s Turtles, would it take to reach the moon?
At least … three times as many!

Describe yourself using obscure Latin words.
The only Latin phrases I know are “Montani Semper Liberi” (Mountaineers are always free) and “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (Thus always to tyrants). The former being the state motto of West Virginia and the latter being the state motto of Virginia… and also what John Wilkes Booth shouted after he shot Lincoln. >.<

I’ll go with the first one, then. Yeah.

“Virginiaaaaaa, fuck yeah!”

Why does evil exist?
Because it’d be so boring if everyone was good.

What the chiz are you thinking right now?
InterpolInterpolInterpolInterpol–oooh, ReaderCon!

(Also, what is chiz? Nevermind, don’t wanna know.)

Okay, so like Anita, I’mma tag five people who will have amusing answers if they choose to do this. No hard feelings if not, of course. But it’ll be fun!

1. Cate Gardner
2. Mary Rajotte
3. Alan Davidson
4. Natalie Sin
5. Sue Penkivech

Pick a funny nickname for number 1.
Fringe (Don’t ask me to explain, I don’t know. I just think if Cate was a superhero, this would be her code name.)

Make up a rhyme about number 2.
Mary, Mary, girl with mad taste
never lets a good track go to waste

Where would number 3 hide in the event of the apocalypse?
In his fez, of course.

Where does number 4 purchase her pants?
I don’t know the specifics, but I hear it’s deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.

What would number 5’s favorite dance move be?
The cabbage patch. I have no idea why, I just have this mental image…

In Which I Scatter My Blogginess About The Net

2 Jul

I committed guest bloggery!

Hey, I’m excited, it’s actually my first time. Corinne Duyvis is at Clarion West (OMG!) this month, so she asked me if I wanted to stop by her net home. Naturally I said yes, and I even had a topic brewing. Writing What I Don’t Know. It’s about stereotypes and the hard work you have to put into writing something that isn’t, well, you. Really you. Please check it out and share your thoughts on the subject, if you have a minute.

It’s a thing that hits me hard when doing historicals, as has been discussed here before, but there you expect what you’re writing to be other. With modern fiction, it’s more troublesome. And I use the NYT as my scapegoat, cuz they fucked with Brooke County, home sweet home.

As I just said on facebook, I’m sure they’re totally devastated by my pwning.

I am extremely sad to see the first Fae Awareness Month go, but goddamn, it was fun. Next year will be even better! Don’t forget to get your suggestions in and win free books. Need a little help remembering what went on before you can? No worries, I got up a little index post for year 1 yesterday. I aim to please.

And now: vampires. Oh yeah. I’m sorry to say that you’ll probably be experiencing more vampire mini-reviews as a result, because frankly I can’t shut them up. They’ve been in my head for 10 years and they aren’t going away. Really, I wonder who’s in charge sometimes. (Sadness: when I moved this site I lost all my old images. Devastated that the screencaps I so lovingly took of each movie are gone now!)

I also added a little “Articles” page to this here site. I don’t know, I keep reviewing and writing articles for these Awareness Months and other such things, so it seemed like it might be convenient to keep them all in one place. It’s not that pretty right now, but it serves its purpose, right?

Hope the Canadians and Americans hereabouts are enjoying their holiday weekends. I plan to enjoy mine fully. The Sam Adams is prepped, cuz dammit, I am so patriotic!

Right, done scattering for the moment.

Free Books! Scary Fae! Yay!

29 Jun

There’s a cool contest at Fae Awareness for the end of the month, going until July 10. If you can think of something we should’ve done, some movie we should’ve watched, something fae people really friggin ought to be aware of but aren’t, all you have to do is drop it into this post, and you can win 3 of Seanan McGuire’s awesome October Daye novels.

I mean this post right here, called “Next Time (The Toby Daye Contest)“.

It’s been an awesome month, and we’ve still got a few more days — closing out with a Tim Burton fest, too! But we can be even more awesome next time, and so we want suggestions. Seriously, poems, artists, movies, whatever. Help us help humanity avoid pissing off the fae.

(For your convenience, here’s a list of the movies we watched this month.)

First Class

20 Jun

I’m pretty sure today is Cate Gardner’s birthday. So here’s a card I picked out for you, which has to do with my favorite part of birthdays. (I mean, all satisfaction is temporary, let’s not beat around the bush.)

Happy Birthday, Cate! A writer of beautiful words, and an extremely cool human being. <3

I finally saw X-Men: First Class yesterday, and it was better than I expected.


  1. I’m just gonna get this one out of the way first: pure canon UST between X and Magneto. Seriously, that’s 50 years of comic book love on the screen right there. It’s a thing.
  2. Magneto is mindbendingly hot. Which is as it should be. That’s part Fassbender being mindbendingly hot, but also the way he played the part, which is a pretty complicated one, you must admit.
  3. James McAvoy is actually capable of making cheesy Professor X dialogue sound realistic. He’s that good.
  4. Though it was weird to make Moira American… she and Chuck were cool together, I gotta admit.
  5. Selection of mutants for the Kid Team was awesome. It ranged from really old ones (Banshee! My first love, I have the action figure to prove it. It has a whistle in his back. I couldn’t make that up if I tried.) to characters introduced in the 2000s with Angel (II) and Darwin.
  6. The bad guys they picked ended up being cool. I was groaning about Azazel being involved (Goddamn you, Chuck Austen, for what you did to the X-Men! *fist shakey* Well, except for the Northstar stuff. That was awesome of you. Right.), but he ended up making me pretty happy, and I’ve always had a thing for Riptide. (No really, I used him in a fanfiction ages ago. I have Morlock Massacre issues, as a Gambit fan.)
  7. Though Kevin Bacon doesn’t look like Sebastian Shaw, he did the part justice. The effects from his powers were pretty silly, but it’s still one of the coolest powers ever, and Shaw is one of my favorite baddies.
  8. The 60s misogyny actually came off right, as in laughable.
  9. The plot deviations from comic canon were very cool. I love deviations in movies, except when they’re lame ass. Not so, here!
  10. The character deviations from comic canon left the characters recognizable to fans. Like Alex Summers was alllll weird (also, wtf, is he supposed to be Scott’s dad or something? In continuity my ass!), but he was still pretty Alex-ish. A particular era of Alex-ish (the writers were reading lots of Austen’s run, is all I can figure), but still. Just saying, this is in direct contrast to what they did to characters like Angel (I) and, I don’t know, Nightcrawler in the earlier movies.
  11. Plot was fast and badass without sacrificing emotional interest. Might’ve been one of the most coherent Marvel movies yet, where that’s concerned.
  12. Hahaha, best use of your single allowable PG-13 “fuck” imaginable. The whole theater erupted.

Is it still slash if it's canon?

This picture links to the ign article where I found it. It’s titled: “When an Xavier Loves a Magneto”.  Told you so.


  1. Emma Frost. Oh my god, what did you horrible, horrible Hollywood assholes do to Emma Frost? One of a very limited collection of interesting semi-lead women and you did… that to her? It wasn’t even that they changed her, they just, like, weakened her somehow, personally, fundamentally. The script misogyny was one thing, but actual sexism reared its head on occasion. Or wait, maybe that’s just January Jones sucking? Either way, Emma is supposed to be awesome. Not cool.
  2. While most of the movie added to the much-touted Marvel Movie Continuity, there were some really glaring fuck-ups.  (Like, I dunno, X walking off the plane at the end of Wolverine. To rescue a kid Emma and Scott. Just one of several, but it’s the one I have on hand right now.) I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t making such a big deal out of it.
  3. And now, to my absolute favorite reason to be annoyed with this movie: the fuck? Is Xavier’s somehow a Minority Free Zone (as my friend Hayley put it yesterday) of a sudden? No spoilers but if you want to know why I’m annoyed, click this link to a tvtropes article that explains. And then Angel… yeah. WTF. Makes me feel like it really is 1962. [ETA: Spoilers in comments! Beware!]

I’m on the fence about some other stuff, but it’s all really weird nitpicky stuff that you get with an AU. But I did enjoy watching the movie, apart from that last con, which kind of dampened my spirits when I realized where it was going. I don’t know why the fuck people are complaining about all the superhero movies this summer, man. We need 200 more spy movies and unfunny romantic comedies, instead?

Bring it. Next up, Green Lantern!

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More Comics, With Bonus Oscar Wilde

12 Jun

Okay, so my pal–known around here as Fredericks–just linked this on her LJ and it might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Oscar Wilde takes on Jersey Shore, hilarity ensues

I’ve never seen Jersey Shore. It still works. Oh my stomach and throat both hurt so bad from watching that all in one go. Owwwwwww <3

Oh right, but I’m still talking about comics. Well, when it was Vampire Awareness Month, I of course went for the graphic novel approach with my 30 Days of Night review. (I love the movie, but it’s a different animal–which was the point, really.) So yeah, here we go again with the fae:

Gaiman’s Books of Magic: Vertigo’s Magical Mystery Tour

So for those of y’all who like Neil Gaiman (wait, are there any of you who don’t?) but don’t have a lot of experience with comics, it might be a good place to start, really. Good intro to lots of weird DC/Vertigo characters (no foreknowledge necessary), plus a totally standalone story. And John Constantine is, as usual, the absolute shit.

He’s also an absolute shit. But that’s why we love him.

Right, I’d say I’m done, but I’m not, because I’m gonna do a spin-off later. I mean, I’ve got these comics just sitting there staring at me. Might as well go to, right?

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Faeries and Pennies

31 May

I’m home again, yay! Things went well with the family, and Dad has a few kick ass scars to show for it. Chicks dig it, so I don’t think he minds, really. Now I’m doing catch up, which is essential as next month is a big one.

Not for me personally. Yes, it’s true, Scripped must be pushed back to July due to the flooding! The evil little Appalachian fae will be just as evil next month, though–and in truth, the timing is better for me. Because like I say, June will be big. The Red Penny Papers‘ latest goes live tomorrow, of course, aaaaaand Fae Awareness kicks off with a screening of A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Yes, I know, Midsummer is the 21st, but we’ll do Were The World Mine, which is a sort of modern take, that night. It’s freakishly adorable.

Fae Awareness Month is pretty packed with awesome now, but we still have room for more. And if we didn’t, we’d make it, because there’s always room for more awesome. There are still a few movies without reviewers, some of which surprise me. (The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, Fern Gully, Stardust, and the two Tim Burton films!) I also have a personal wishlist of stuff I want to write but can’t, because hogging all the blog entries would make me a bad admin:

  1. Something on the Henson aesthetic. We’ve got a great reviewer for Labyrinth (*wink*), but like I say, none for DC. I think those films were my first exposure to this kind of visual otherworld, if that makes sense. Also: they used to have a Mystic in the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh… not sure if they do anymore, but it was huge and overwhelmingly cool.
  2. Ditto for the Burton aesthetic, or for Roald Dahl or Lewis Carroll’s works that inspired the movies on the list. I mean, come on!
  3. Stardust, but beyond a review. The book and the movie are two really different animals, and a comparison would be fun. Oh hai, I think we got it!
  4. Yeats. No one’s doing Yeats. I mean, as previously expressed, I think he was dangerously insane–as in could cause actual harm to anyone who actually stumbled across the fae, because wow, listen to that guy and you’re toast. But still, there’s a lot to be said for the Romantics and their fae thing.
  5. Cultural stuff. We’ve got some good Japanese and Icelandic stuff lined up, but that’s about it. So many cultures have some version of the fae, and only a couple are represented through the movie selection. My favorite is the Russo-Finnish movie we’re doing, Jack Frost, which is sort of like an acid trip–except good. If no one grabs that, I actually will do something about it myself, because, dude, Baba Yaga!
  6. Book reviews and recs. We’ve got some incredible stuff coming up in that department, but there’s just so much out there–some I’ve read, but most I haven’t, which is a bit heartbreaking.

So the good news is that if no one does any of those things, I’ve got my blog posts for Fae Awareness for the next two-three years lined up! The bad news is that I suspect I’d like to read them even more than I’d like to write them. Also, I’m pretty much a huge nerd.

Though I doubt that qualifies as “news”. But, fae! They’re up there with vampires in my estimation… don’t worry though, I won’t torment you with fae-on-fae reviews like I did with the vampires. See, I have some mercy.

And now, to continue mainlining Bowie and formatting RPP. Life’s okay sometimes. How’s yours?

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25 May

I really must apologize for this blog neglect. While I’ve been mostly keeping up with others, if in a ragged kind of way, I’ve been bad here. I keep thinking of things to write, and it’s a shame I keep getting distracted because they’re surely brilliant works of genius…

Right. Maybe it’s for the best.

Anyhow, this week is a bit mad. There’s family stuff back home, so I’m not going to be around as of Thursday afternoon, and you know how that sort of thing commandeers most of the week before. It’s like trying to cram in all that stuff that would’ve happened in the 4-5 days of absence into the 3 where you’re actually at home. Fun times!

There are a few points of note, though.

1. Due to Belfire Press getting flooded like whoa last month, the Scripped preorder date may need to be pushed back a touch. I’ll update, of course, when anything definite happens. Not because I think you’re hanging on the edge of your seat (uh, sure you are!), but because I’m giving stuff away to the pre-order friendly, as previously mentioned.

2. There will be Fae Awareness next month!! Which believe it or not is totally unrelated–just so happens that midsummer seemed like the best time to do Fae Awareness for the Boss (that’d be Mark, coordinator of these things). The list of movies we’re watching is here. If you are interested in reviewing one (the unstarred ones need love!), please let me know and we’ll get it sorted out. If you have something to say about the fae that is not a review, that’d also be awesome. It’s a really fun way to get together and discuss awesome monsters–

And oh, the fae are monsters. As previously discussed.

In closing, I apologize to people to whom I owe emails and things. I really thought I’d have a better handle on stuff before I had to leave, but everything is happening all at once. I will definitely catch up when I come home after Memorial Day. Send good vibes to my family, if you please. (Yes, more hospital crap. But it’s routine this time, so, um, yay?)

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