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Overdue Update Time!

14 Nov

Business Update!

WELP if you have not yet gotten your copy of SUPERPOW, I highly recommend it for obvious reasons!


Superpow cover by Astro

Check it out. *narrowly avoids an urge to capslock the shit out of that*

ALSO, there are some really fabulous interviews with Superpow Authors at Milo James Fowler’s blog of awesome right now:

Alan Baxter talks “Autumn of the Greatest”

Louise Bohmer talks “Unsuper Translator”

William Vitka talks “Bruiser”

You can click the book cover above to find out where to get your copy, but there will be more retailers coming soon–and a print run, yay!

Personal Update!

Productivity was doing all right there, but has come to a bit of a halt again–mainly because it’s physically difficult for me to write more than a paragraph at a time, and that is a really, really difficult way to write and/or edit, sad to say. I’ve had back problems for some time now, but it’s gotten to the point where–uh, not to go into gross details, but my spine is getting jacked by some of my discs and I can’t really use my arms as well as I could a few months ago, even. SO THERE’S THAT. I’m working on a solution, obviously, with docs and stuff, but that’s the short version of what has been a very painful and INCREDIBLY FUCKING FRUSTRATING saga. So if you don’t see me around as much and notice a drop in what was looking like a reboot in productivity from me… yeah. My spine has decided otherwise.



15 Sep

Superpow time! What is it? Check this out…

Superpow cover by Astro

Cover by Astro, Layout by Amanda Pillar


Yeah, so, The Red Penny Papers is back with a bang, I mean to say. Our first ever anthology–eBook and print–is on its way October 27, and it’s all about superpowers. What better pulp fodder was ever created? None. None better, that’s what.

Superpow contains eleven new superpowered stories: novellas, shorts, and even our very first poetry (which I’m in love with, ngl). It’s been a labor of love for me and definitely for the authors, who are all fabulous RPP alums of note.  The first cover hero is Corinne Duyvis’s Pantheress, from “The Masks of Sigma City”–a gorgeous imagining of a rogue hero negotiating her way through a tense mystery, and her own identity, with the help and hindrance of some other masks. Behind her is William Vitka’s bruiser, Rubin, who was working underground when the meteor hit and gave everyone in his world powers. Nothing’s ever been handed to him easy, and it’s even worse now he’s fresh out of prison–but he’s willing to fight for it. Good thing, cuz he’ll have to.

These are just two of the amazing heroes, villains, and strange worlds in Superpow. A girl with galaxies in her eyes, superspeed poetry, a useless translator, a washed up villain, otherworldly siblings, a painter with a talent well beyond the canvas, and… well, Leather Boy. I’ll let that one be a surprise. He’s fabulous, though, I promise.

For more info and the stunning table of contents, check out the post over here at RPP, and its perma-page, which will be updated regularly as new info becomes available.


A is For Apocalypse

12 Sep

In case you missed it, A is for Apocalypse lives!



Rhonda Parrish has put together a stunning collection, y’all. Just… Man. So happy to be a part of this. It’s the first in her ongoing collection of Alphabet Anthologies. I happened to get the letter “J” in this one, so my story is “J is for…”

Well, I don’t wanna give it away. Check it out, though! Vampire Apocalypse, for the win. And oh, there are many, many other types of post-apocalypse going on here, so if that puts you off, never fear. An unhappy ending (at least, for civilization, if not for the characters… necessarily) to suit anyone!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords| Goodreads | Hellnotes Review | Sequart Review

Next up? B is for Broken. Oh, you know I’m alllll over that.

A is for Apocalypse Cover Reveal

13 May

What do you get when you take twenty-six amazing writers, randomly assign them a letter of the alphabet and give them complete artistic freedom within a theme?

A is for Apocalypse


Giveaway from editor and mad genius Rhonda Parrish:

I’m giving away three ARC copies of A is for Apocalypse (tour-wide). These are physical copies but I am willing to ship them to anywhere in the world. The Rafflecopter draw will run from May 12th to May 19th. On May 20th I will choose three winners and email them in order to get their shipping address. Anyone who doesn’t respond by May 27th will forfeit their prize and I will choose a new winner to receive it.

Enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

J is for…

20 Feb

Those of you who know Rhonda Parrish from Niteblade may have seen a post from her a few months back about a project called A is for ApocalypseIt’s totally ingenious, and I’m not just saying that because I was lucky enough to land a spot on her roster for it. The deal is, 26 authors, each with a different, randomly assigned letter of the alphabet, and a post-apocalyptic theme.

Of course when I heard about it I flipped, because I haven’t done post-apocalyptic since Grants Pass, which I loved to pieces. However, the short I wrote for A is for Apocalypse is nothing like “Boudha”–it’s an epistolary supernatural horror short, “J is for…”

Well, I’ll leave that part for later. It involves monsters, though. Just–not the usual apocalypse-monsters.

The list of authors is really exciting–many that I’ve worked with  before, and many that I haven’t, and I’m excited about both! I found blog posts from Cory Cone, Samantha Kymmell-Harvey, Steve Bornstein, C.S. MacCath, and Simon Kewin (hi, Simon!) talking about their involvement in the project too, but no one is giving too much away. I guess the only one who knows what all our letters stand for is Rhonda, at the moment. Mysterious, isn’t it?

So now things are all settled and my story has met with editorial smiles (because let’s face it, when someone asks me to write a thing, I am always waiting for a NOT GOOD ENOUGH, because, well, writers are like that), I had to squee about this a little. So exciteddddddd!

More as the project progresses but yay!

The Lovely Lulu

16 Oct

How about a dark fantasy piece set in a 1920s speakeasy in Wheeling, West Virginia? Magicians and chanteuses! Smuggled hooch and fabulous champagne! Murder and captivity! Queer lady protagonist!

Any of this sound cool? Check out the latest issue of Goldfish Grimm, Secrets and Connections, and there you’ll find “The Lovely Lulu” by yours truly alongside a delightful (and I never use that word but there’s no other for it, seriously) flash piece by Antha Ann Adkins.

Free to read creepiness-and-jazz-age cocktail for all. Mmm. And thanks to the people at Goldfish Grimm being so fabulous to work with. So much fun.

(ETA: Forgot to mention, there’s even a little interview in which I mainly talk about being a nerd. Ha!)

In other news, I have a convention to attend this weekend, and then all shall get back in order around this house. Fingers crossed for me, and see you when I get back from Atlanta!

Try Me, Part 2

12 Apr

I really need to do a proper design update, but frankly I suck at that kind of thing. But now that we’re settled in Ohio (we’re baaaaack!) and actual work is getting done again, I at least managed to give the place a good clean-up and reorganization. I checked all the links from my short fiction page, I updated the non-fiction section, and I added a page especially for editorial projects. Phew.

In the process, I noticed that some of my older stories are no longer available online where they used to be, and since my rights are all reverted to me, I put them up here on the site. I also noticed my old introductory “try me” post was woefully outdated, so here’s a new version:

Try me, I’m free!

Hi! My name’s Katey, and I write dark things. I have a few novels out right now. One is a freaky modern Appalachian fairy story called Scripped, and another is part one in a vampire series called The Family, Liam. Coming soon, I’ll also have a dark historical novella about a clockwork confessor called Inedible Sins.

There are a lot of authors out there, and I feel lucky that you took a second to check me out. Before you buy any of those things I just listed up there, maybe you want to make sure my style suits you. I would, too! All of the short fiction listed as “online” here is free, but here are some quick links to make things simpler, since I have a bunch of different styles, depending on what you’re into.

Just a couple of freebies to mitigate some of the risk factor.

Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully I’ll see you again soon.

Radio Silence

3 Mar


Right so here come those changes. Today is my anniversary with B (seven years and we’re both still alive!) and then tomorrow starts the great moving adventure of 2013. Really, the great moving adventure started a few weeks back, but this is go time. Therefore, I’m going to be a little bit silent–and all the things I want to do but have to wait for will be rattling around in my skull unhappily. You know how it goes!

While I’m gone, here’s some stuff to keep you:

… mmm can you tell I’m utterly scatterbrained right now? Because I totally am. Next time I talk to you, it’ll be from Ohio, my old home sweet home.


24 Feb

Before I get into the upcoming changes to life, wanted to give a shoutout to Ishtar. You guys might remember this badass goddess book I got to edit with Amanda Pillar for Morrigan’s little sister, Gilgamesh Press? It’s on the Locus Recommended Reads list for 2012! Woohoo!

Congratulations to Kaaron, Deb, and Cat. Beautiful, vicious stories about a beautiful, vicious goddess.

In personal news, I am moving! After spending seven years in the DC area, B and I are heading back to where we met: Columbus, Ohio. We’re both pretty excited about this; I loved living in Columbus, and he became really fond of it while we were dating. (You know, that whole month before we got engaged and moved here together. No biggie.) So even if the cost of living wasn’t far, far more reasonable, we’d still be excited. As it is, that’s just a nice bonus.

We’ve known we’d have to move soon since the holidays, we just weren’t sure exactly where or when until about a week ago. Which was, as you can imagine just so much fun. We spent this weekend trying to find a place to land–which is difficult when you live eight hours away, but at least we knew the town and the kind of place we wanted. Also, there’s a thing called a relocation specialist that can help with that, apparently. This is news to me, but it was awfully nice having someone babysit us while we were trying to find a rental to hold us over until we get settled–B in his new job, me in the town again.

So yes, this has much to do with why The Red Penny Papers has been on hiatus this winter. Life in this house has been extremely up in the air, but it had to be settled by spring. So RPP will indeed be back then with a huge, superpowered bang.

And now I have things to pack. Though apparently there are also people who will come to your house and pack things for you? Oh, strange new world of corporate relocation–where have you been all my life?

All the Reviews!

20 Feb

Well, not all the reviews, just the two, really, but they’re so amazing I had to share.

First, if you haven’t seen Harry Markov’s review of Fish yet, definitely check it out. It’s amazing, and a lot of what he says about the theme in general is quite literally how Carrie described the project to me when we began, way back when with the call for submissions.  Just. Well. Here’s a thing:

Carrie Cuinn and K.V. Taylor reveal to you an ecosystem of underwater wonders that’s outrageous, eclectic and beautiful. Theoretically, some might suspect it shouldn’t be able to work as there is nothing at first glance to hold these stories together, but there is so much soul in the project to cement this as the definitive anthology for 2013 – at least in my book.

A lot of the stories are discussed one at a time, and it’s just brilliant to see that it worked exactly how Carrie wanted. So yay!

Also, Liam was a good boy today. Well, as good as he’s capable of being, I reckon, anyhow. Melanie over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue words gives him a glowing five-star review–but more than that, she totally got the book.

This is not a universe of Rainbow Bright and Unicorns, but a much darker, malevolent place in which humans walk at their peril. I love how even a visit to a night club can turn from a simple night out into one of pain and horror in the hands of this talented author.

… If this is a love story, it is not the one you are probably expecting.  It is a love story  certainly, but it’s participants are monsters and it follows that it’s their definition of love, not a human one.

Yeah. It ain’t pretty. And I am so, so pleased that it’s clear it wasn’t meant to be. Oh also, Melanie breaks the news that the series will follow–basically the pattern on the “characters” page. James, up next. Just about done. Yyyyyeah.

Also, the soundtrack is up, if anyone wants read-along music :D