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Advance praise for Scripped:

Brilliantly dark and disturbing. K.V. Taylor renders the Fae with a stark, gritty realism that is utterly believable. A faery tale in the oldest, truest sense of the term, Scripped will make the bravest soul think twice about walking alone in the woods.

K.V. Taylor’s writing is more addictive than faery food.

From Meghan Brunner, Author of the Pendragon Trilogy

...Taylor makes us examine ourselves whilst entertaining us with wicked prose and characters we can sympathise and empathise with. Read that sentence again, for this is no mean feat.

It is an incredibly hard balance to attain but attain it Taylor does and makes Scripped one of the novels of 2011, for its sheer honesty and openness, whilst tackling an unconventional love story in an unconventional way.

From the Foreword by Mark S. Deniz


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